Our vision

Africa Platform Capital is a specialist private equity firm, focused on the consumer and healthcare sectors in sub Saharan Africa. We believe in an active, value-add approach to investment, and deliver bespoke solutions to the companies with whom we partner.

Over the next 25-30 years the global population is forecast to grow by 2 billion to 9 billion, with sub-Saharan Africa accounting for almost 50% of this growth. Investment has to chase this demographic to provide the complex network of resources that are already being demanded today. The financial institutions seeking returns for pensioners, policy holders and government will look for ways to invest in these areas.

Our view is that investing in fast growing, less mature markets, requires a different approach. Timelines are typically longer, opportunities for knowledge transfer greater, and risk management analysis more complex.

Africa Platform Capital’s founders are ardent believers in the sustainable development of businesses, working closely with management and shareholders. Our vision is to create scale platforms that are clear market leaders domestically or regionally, positively impacting economic growth, employment creation and broader societal benefits.